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Oakland City Lodge #467, F&AM, is governed by the Constitution and General Regulations of the Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Indiana, and its own local By-laws. Everyday governance is vested in the local Lodge's Worshipful Master and two Wardens, with assistance of several other Lodge officers. Currently, the following individuals have been chosen as these officers:

Worshipful Master 
    Robert R. Claridge, P.M.

Senior Warden 
     Steven J. Uppencamp, P.M.

Junior Warden 
    Estel W. (Mac) McCarty, P.M.

    Alfred J Cooper, P.M.

    Chawn E. Caniff, P.M. 

Senior Deacon 
    Michael D. Dougan

Junior Deacon 
    Kristoffer J. Weist

    Gary D. Lytle, P.M. 

Senior Steward 
    Alan Whitman, P.M.

Junior Steward 
    Alan C. Haines

    Thomas E. Adams


In addition, three Trustees are elected to oversee the properties and belongings of the Lodge, and to act as its legal representatives. Currently, the following are the Trustees:

     Kenneth E. Willis, Sr., P.M. 
     Kenneth E. Willis, Jr., P.M., S.G.D. 
     Alfred J Cooper, P.M. 

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