Masonic Temple Association of Oakland City, Indiana, Inc.



Oakland City Lodge #467, F&AM, is one of a handful of lodges within the State to have associated with it a separate legal organization which owns its Temple building and associated properties. This organization is known as the "Masonic Temple Association of Oakland City, Indiana, Incorporated" (Temple Association). All members of the local Lodge are members of the Temple Association. Governance of the Temple Association is vested in a Board of Directors, consisting of four at-large members and the current Worshipful Master. From these five individuals, the Board elects its own officers. Currently, they are as follows:

    Steven J. Uppencamp, P.M.

Vice President 

    Thomas E. Adams 

    Alan Whitman, P.M.

    Robert R. Claridge, P.M.

    Alan C. Haines

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